From the February 4th issue of Suburban Mama

Letter from the Editor (Me!)

What whoa hey where’s the Valentine’s issue? I must apologize I was not able to put one together. Maybe because when you’re married with kids Valentine’s Day no longer ranks high on your priority list. I mean, when was the last time you went on a romantic date with your spouse?  There are the few lucky (smart?) ones who have a regular date night thanks to babysitters. I am not one of them.

Last Christmas, a cousin of mine offered to baby sit the boys one night so my husband and I could go out. My cousin is very busy so taking time to do this for us was very thoughtful of her. Off we went. We wanted to keep it simple – dinner and a movie. Did that happen? No. We ended up shopping for the kids’ presents at Toys R Us then heading off to a restaurant that turned out to be a family-friendly Friday’s type place. We felt so strange to be in that place without the children. I felt weird about not having to share my plate or cut up anyone’s food.  It was great to be alone and grown up though but after a couple of hours we were missing our kids, who of course, didn’t want to leave Aunt Joanie.

Needless to say, date nights for me are few and far between. But then I am sure I am not the only one. 

This issue we feature a short review  of the book “Babyproofing Your Marriage” which addresses things like the date night dilemma and offers great suggestions for marital harmony. We also have  a guest article about Allergies from  a cool writer mom named Susan.

Congratulations to Ruchel from California for winning the Gifted Grasshopper drawing. Thank you for sharing this ezine with your friends.

And you too can win! Leave a comment about how YOU keep romance alive in your relationship and get a chance to win Babyproofing Your Marriage  by Stacie Cockrell, Cathy O’ Neill and Julia Stone plus some dark chocolate.


Marcie  Taylor

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  1. What romance? We have a 3.5 and almost 10 mos old sons…we have no time or energy for romance! It would be nice to learn about what romance is again….I couldn’t post to your blog, but maybe you can add it?

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