BABYPROOFING YOUR MARRIAGE by Cockrell,O’Neill and Stone

“Where was this book seven years ago?!” DH asks half in jest when I receive my copy of Babyproofing Your Marriage. On the cover are Cheerios and spilt milk with the blurb How To Laugh More, Argue Less and Communicate Better as your family grows.  The  three co-authors are mothers, wives and friends who know whereof they speak. The tone of the book is very casual, kind of like talking to your girlfriend. They dish out relationship advice with a touch of humor so it is less Dr. Phil more Ellen Degeneres (if she gave relationship advice).

I read the book over a couple of days and found myself raising my eyebrows in surprise at some points (Really? I mean, wow, really!), nodding in agreement (Been there, uh-huh.) and smiling in amusement (The 5-minute Fix – teehee., giggle, wink). 

With clever terms like Extreme Parenting i.e. “the tendency to overparent, overschedule and overeverything our children” and  the Ten O’Clock Shoulder Tap i.e. “how some men indicate their desire for sex with a paw on a wife’s shoulder” Babyproofing captures what really goes on in a marriage with kids in the picture. Peppered with real-life andecdotes from real-life parents, the reader can easily relate to the situations described in the book.  The writers offer advice from the general   (Make time for each other) to the specific (Example For Men: Ask her out on a date, do the domestic crap. For women: Implement the Five Minute Fix. Leave the house a mess for forty-eight hours.)

Check the book out if you want sound relationship advice and a good laugh. –MT

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