From the abbreviated Nov. 19th issue

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we visited my cousin and were pleasantly greeted by Christmas! Not only was there a wreath at the door but the Tree was up, with all the trimmings and was absolutely beautiful. Sure my kids tried to knock down the snowmen lining the fireplace but they were probably so excited to find out that Christmas is indeed around the corner. “I know I know.” my cousin said rather defensively, ” we’ve been told it’s too early and that most people don’t bring out Christmas decors till after Thanksgiving, but my kids love it.” And besides, we both acknowledged, Christmas in the Philippines where she and I are from, starts way back in September!

Over at our house, we’re just getting over Halloween ; the boys are still working through their treat bags but soon enough I know I have to surrender to the Spirit (of Christmas). But first there is Thanksgiving. And with Turkey Day days away, I am starting to reflect on things I am thankful for – my family, our health, our move to California, my ever-supportive husband, my girlfriends, and my new suburban mama friends. Then there are the little things I am thankful for like: Ghirardelli dark chocolate, my coffee maker, the smell of the ocean, Heroes on DVR, Milo’s evil laugh, Jake’s humor, our dog Boots’ loyal gaze, wifi and my mac. What are you thankful for? –MT

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