Halloween Hoopla

When did Halloween become Christmas in October complete with outdoor decorations and the exchange of greeting cards? The marketing blitz begins early in September right after the Back-to-School blitz, and just when Target’s cleared the shelves of school supplies, they start hawking costumes and candy, and cobwebs and grave markers and all sorts of spooky themed items.

I am not one of those who set up witches crashing on lampposts and skeletons at the door (though I know my kids would love this) but decorating for one holiday (for me Christmas) is enough for me. I always admire moms that rearrange their homes and lay out themed decorations every season. However, one of our family’s fall traditions is pumpkin picking! Nothing says Halloween like a good ol’ orange pumpkin. Okay so this year I just bought the tiny ones and we drew on them and didn’t carve them. Still — fun, fun.

I didn’t grow up celebrating Halloween so I never had tricks or treats, though we did have our share of scares when we would trek to the cemetery at dawn during All Souls Day (November 1) . There would be those spooky mausoleums and open graves (why???) and what would seem even spookier was spending the day there but on the contrary, there was always a festive atmosphere. Note, we didn’t dress in costume.

Even Ellen DeGeneres, fresh off the adopted dog non-issue, is psyched about Halloween. She writes: It’s also the only time of the year it’s socially acceptable for those of us who aren’t paid actors to dress up in costume and pretend to be something or someone we’re not. Right on!

I’ve been a witch most years because it is the easiest to throw on and the most fun makeup to do, and since Halloween wasn’t popular where I grew up (though it probably is now due to, er, globalization) I don’t have any memorable costumes. This year I am throwing on a pink feather boa and a mask and calling it a costume – they didn’t have the Pink Power Ranger costume in my size, much to the disappointment of my boys, who are the black and red operation overdrive power rangers this year.

I must say one of the cool things about being a kid is that dress-up and pretend play aren’t just for Halloween – on some days my sons are Darth Vader, a NASA astronaut, Batman – just because – one time my older son fashioned a costume out of the tissue paper that came in shoe boxes…he made a cape and stuff that he wore around his arms and legs.

In mommy world, dress up means, that rare moment you put make up on, and wear a dress. It could be for a date-out with your significant other or a girls’ night out.

Okay, well that’s all for now. I will post some Halloween pix before the weekend. **

2 Replies to “Halloween Hoopla”

  1. there are some pretty elaborate houses where i am but i just don’t have the time. after working all day, i have to run back home, feed the kids something kind of healthy (cheese sandwich?) then go out trick/treating. then back home to bed to go to school the next day! when will it ever be on a weekend?
    welcome to the west coast!!!

  2. it was amazing halloween weather here over on the east coast..finally trick or treating without rain..hooray! I have to say that as me and my little “Courious George” made our way around the neighborhood in search of “goodies” the homes with the elaborate decor were the ones most visited by candy seeking costumed munchkins….my house however only had 2 potted mums and 2 jack-o-laterns…I’ll save the big decorating guns for christmas.

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