Go West

The past few days have all been a blur as we race to get things done  for our big move. While we had been planning to move all along — DH calls it THE 8 year plan (we are  only on the 7th year of the plan, so we’re ahead, really) — we never dreamed  it cosunsetuld happen  so soon and so quickly.  See that sunset? That was  taken from our new backyard  in Huntington Beach, CA.   We are trading in our Jersey winters  and our historic home  for a simpler life  on the beach.

I’ve got boxes to pack and things to sort. I will write again later.

4 Replies to “Go West”

  1. Hi Marcie, I’m sorry to see you leave Burlington County, but happy for you to be going to such a beautiful, sunny place. Lisa (Mary and Dino’s Mom)

  2. Marcie,

    We at SMH will certainly miss you, Jake, Milo and DH!

    Your new “backyard” is spectacular! I am sure it will be a great inspiration. Look forward to hearing about life on the West Coast.

    Andrea, Mikayla & family!

  3. Marcie,
    Thank you for everything, you have helped me so much over the past 2 years. We will miss you guys very much!! Michaela is going to miss her “boyfriend!” (Milo is such a cutie!!) LOL!! Keep in touch, we wish you all the happiness in the world!!
    Christy, Joe, Michaela and Joey

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