BOOK REVIEW: Daddy Needs A Drink

Daddy Needs A Drink CoverAuthor Robert Wilder takes an irreverent look at parenting

We’ve all been there, done that, and changed the poopie diapers. Yet Robert Wilder makes it all seem so fresh and new, and helluva lot funnier than any of us may have actually experienced. “Daddy Needs a Drink” is a hilarious collection of essays about the realities of parenting and parenthood in this day and age. Wilder embodies the Modern Dad: hands-on and sensitive at times and always filled with a sense of humor.  His essays are insightful and truly entertaining,

Daddy Needs a Drink is one of the funniest books I’ve read in ages. You’ll laugh out loud with the author even if you don’t have kids and laugh even more if you do. This dude’s for real. Give him a drink. Raise a glass ! Cheers, Mr. Wilder and Happy Father’s Day! —MT

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