BOOK REVIEW: Moms’ Lifesavers

“Thank you for the ‘bible’” Jenny said, referring to the well-worn copy of What to Expect when You are Expecting that I bequeathed to her when she found out she was pregnant. The book was very helpful to me, when I was pregnant with my first child. I found myself at a loss as to what to expect about motherhood. I had no one to talk to about it as I had just moved to the
US, and my closest girlfriend who’d had a baby was in
California! What I didn’t tell Jenny was that along with the information the book gave, finding out about the symptoms and all the worst-case scenarios was not very good for a hypochondriac like me.    I wish I had given her the book “Moms Lifesavers” instead. Written by Christine Cohen and Joanne Tocci, moms with a background in education, the book is a collection of practical tips and advice to make life easier for new mothers, covering birth to age five.  Examples: what you really must have before the baby comes (“Lots of onesies and sleepers to cut down on laundry, easy wash and wear cotton outfits with snaps as fancy clothing is cute but not as comfortable for baby.” – p. 1) and what to bring when traveling (“Keep a port-a-potty in the trunk with small trash bags and wipes.” –p.31)   Cool extras include a recipe for making a plaster mold of your bulging tummy, a potty chart and book lists, plus blank spaces for you to fill-in with your own lifesaving tips. “Moms Lifesavers” is easy to read, well-written, fun and informative. Can’t wait for them to come up with the next book say for ages 6-10? –MT

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  1. Many thanks for the great review. It was truly a labor of love – start to finish, the perfect book for the new (and not so new) mom!!
    Good luck with your contest!! 🙂

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