Nina Frye and Cindi Schmitzer, two moms who traded in their corporate jobs to pursue the challenges of raising children, are living the dream. Their company LTDChix offers fun apparel for hip moms with a sense of humor. With a cute albeit slightly sarcastic tag line “Living The Dream,” the t-shirts feature a smiling and somewhat frazzled cartoon mama cleaning, doing laundry, driving a minivan etc.


And in honor of Mother’s Day, LTD Chix is offering two cool t-shirts to Suburban Mama/Mama Wants Java readers! To win, simply email us with a short note about how you are “Living the Dream” or go to the blog and post a comment. Deadline for entries: May 13th! Winners will be announced in the May 18th issue of Suburban Mama.


  1. I am living the dream as a sahm/wahm of a now four week old and a soon to be three year old. I am working from home and able to care for my children during their formative years. I wish it was easier but it isn’t…however, these years are priceless and one day I will miss them. At the same time I married a very supportive and helpful husband that makes this dream possible. If it weren’t for him I would not be living my dream as a sahm/wahm.

  2. Every morning for the past year I wake up in my suburban house in NJ still wondering where the NY noise went. My husband heads off for work a mere 15 minutes away after kissing our 3 year old and 20 month old daughters on the head. (And one for Mom, too!) I spend the day with the kids, exploring the world through their eyes, laughing, crying, washing clothes, sweeping floors, figuring out dinner plans, kissing boo boos, hearing knock knock jokes (over and over), changing exploding diapers. Hubby comes home for dinner.
    Ah, now that’s living the dream.

  3. I’m living the dream! I am mom to a beautiful 4 1/2, almost 5, year old son. I started my dream while pregnant with my son in 2001 and was a full-time SAHM until this past August when my husband lost his job of 16 years when his company closed his facility. I am now a part-time SAHM and work a simple part-time job just to help with extra money around the house.

    In the past 5 years I have been able to organize my own Mom’s group and two Scrapbooking groups, which I am still organizing to this day. I am also a part-time scrapbook consultant for Top Line Creations which I do in conjunction with my scrapbooking groups.

    Being there for my son is first and foremost! I’d quit my job to be home with him again in a second.

  4. I’m definitely living the dream, even if it means my life often looks like the t shirt graphics!

    My husband and I have six gorgeous, fun children . I’m able to stay at home both to nurture my family and to put some of my dreams and talents to use through my online businesses. Thankfully, after nearly 16 years of marriage (and being pregnant six times) my husband still thinks I’m a hottie. Wow!

    I love these t shirts! What a hoot.

  5. I’m living the dream, even though my dream looks different from a lot of folks’! I always told myself that if I didn’t meet the “right” person by the time I was 35, that I would explore alternate ways to have children. I found out 4.5 months before my 35th birthday that I was expecting!

    Ten years, and two more kids later, we are living in a rented house. Ok, so at least it’s not an apartment anymore. DH has various disabilities that have required me to work outside the home (at least for the time being), but I work with adults who have mental retardation and developmental disabilities. The ladies with whom I work are my 2nd family.

    Though every once in a while I dream of an “easier” life, I wouldn’t trade what I have right now.

  6. I am living the dream – I have 3 beautiful kids – 2 boys, 1 girl age 24, 17, & 9. My world revolves around my kids and always will. I work outside the home and appreciate every secind I have when I am home. The everyday hussle & bussle is tough but we are very routine and all work very well together with our ever changing schedules from season to season. As we tell our kids we have a responsiblility to them as they do to us. Life is a give and take situation. I love being a wife & mother 1st (the corporate world will wait) Thankfully I have a job that respects my role as a wife & mother which I know is tough to find. Anyways if anyone knows me they know these T-shirts fit my personality I love to Vaccuum it is so relaxing!!

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