Undomestic Goddesses: You are not the only one

Feedback for the March 23rd issue of the ezine included the following cool emails.

Thank you the for article “The Undomestic Goddess” you can add me to that list.  I hate coming into my office it is so unorganized.  When you find that professional to help out, let me know I’d pay money for that advice. –Natalie, Burlington, NJ

I enjoyed your column so much…I had to reply…

I hate doing laundry so much….that I have been known to buy new underwear when it seems I have completely run out…..oh and let me tell you I have at least 30!  Ha ha ha !  Here’s a secret for you…..I knock myself out cleaning my house….but god help the person who enters my basement or garage.  Have you ever seen my truck on the inside?  We are talking Board of Health here…..just reminder when you lay in bed one night and your dishes aren’t done…..I don’t have clean underwear for the next day! –Melissa, Burlington, NJ

On the note of recycling, etc. I have been part of a group called www.freecycle.org . Apparently it started in the states but I am a member in about 3 groups within my community. Anyway, in it, people offer their unwanted stuff (cabinets, bed sheets, bags, clothes, beds, etc.) for free and it saves everything landing in landfill. I frankly am not in it for the landfill but for the fact that somebody else gets to use something I don’t need and it helps me in de-cluttering J You know, less stuff = less time spent cleaning. And, it also helps that I get to satisfy my urge to accumulate stuff without spending any money.

Anyway, thought I’d let you know….Hope all is well with you and your family. Take care and I do enjoy reading your ezine. Cheers!–Marose, Sydney, Australia

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